Thursday, December 22, 2011

Guest Post today

My friend Aimz sent this to me on Monday...

"Today I received an e-mail from a recruiter asking me to apply to the exact same job that I was fired from."

I say go for it. Someone's incompetence will be exposed hopefully.

Today's Day Dream

Originally the day dream from Dec. 16th, 2011...

On the way to work, there was a tortilla truck that was about to park about a block from the EL. For a brief moment I had a flash of an idea of taking the truck full of tortillas. I'd stop and grab Sarah and the pets and take off. Take off to freedom. Take off to be the Taco King of Topeka! We would live as fugitives under fake names. The dog would be our cat, Henrietta. Our cats would be our dogs, Flavor and Flav. But then I had doubts -- what if all the tortillas were the small corn tortillas? What if they were only the large flour tortillas? Where would I get quality salsa in Topeka?

I kept walking.

Then I boarded the train and came into the office. The rest of my day will be spent justifying the hours spent on our project to manage the client delays and managing the ADHD kittens we call our offshore developers in a failed attempt to deliver code by Monday.

Bonus points for me though. I wrote this entire email while in our Project Management status meeting.

My manager just put his head on the table.