Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Soy-ngriness occurs when your hunger and your revulsion to soy products comes into conflict.
Vegan month was more or less a success. I'd be willing to try it again when we have regular access to fresh produce at the farmer's market. Microwaved beans and rice and broccoli on flatbread is good for a meal or two. Not twenty.

One of the major lessons I learned was what really goes into our food. I had to read every ingredient carefully to make sure there was not animal products in there. I applaud the new labels that specifically state "Vegan" or "Vegetarian" but it was eye opening to see what all goes into meat and dairy substitutes. Most veggie burgers were not allowed as egg white and/or Parmesan cheese were ingredients. Soy milk has about 15 ingredients. Real milk has one. I know a lot of vegans and vegetarians decry the factory meat industry yet the soy products are factory made as well. I'm pretty sure any food from any sort of factory is probably not very good for us.

Mark Bittman's "Food Matters" was a book we received a few years ago that was kind of eye opening. I think our big take-aways from vegan month will be that meat will be consumed sparingly -- either purchased from local producers or only when unavoidable otherwise. Eggs and dairy will be locally sourced where possible. Vegetables, especially fresh, local, in season vegetables will play the main role on the plate.

And for the record, the first fried egg after vegan month was fantastic. The second egg with havarti cheese and bacon was even better. Although a week later I am craving fresh vegetables.

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