Tuesday, January 24, 2012

worker and parasite

So I'm becoming the go-to guy to fix major technical fuck-ups at work. I am getting randomly assigned new projects to help our development team. This week I ended up getting assigned 82 hours of work.

One new project that has already run into trouble is now requiring me to be on site as soon as possible to help fix the situation. Usually this would not be a problem, but apparently the project is structured with 100% travel with a Sunday overnight. And all travel is booked through the parent company travel agent.

I was on the road 100% for seven years. I slowly was able to get to an "every 3rd or 4th week" remote schedule before I was finally able to find employment where travel was not required. During that time, I lost almost every Sunday to travel due to airline schedules and time zones. For part of that time I was single, so the only time lost was mine. Once I was involved in a relationship and married, that time lost was now ours. I will not lose that time again.

Ten years ago the high speed internet was not as widespread and on site was generally required. Now the only reason to travel is to "build the relationship" as my colleague states. There's the rub, I'm the technical "fix it" guy. Regardless of the relationships built with the customers I'm trapped in the technical track.

Apparently the project I've been asked to come in and save is a situation where we've had a resource replaced for whatever reason and I've been called to come in and "right the ship." The primary consulting company's policy is 100% on site. The project is one state away and the travel requirements are Sunday overnights.

I am standing my ground. I will not donate any more weekend time to the corporate machine.

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