Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Month of challenging oneself

For the past few years, my wife and I have used the month of February as a time to give up something we typically consume. Similar to lent, but 12 days shorter and no religious implications other than the acknowledgement that most religions have some ceremonial fasting (footnote: full credit for this observation goes to beautiful wife. I grew up Lutheran, lent wasn't really followed.)

One year we gave up sugar. Another it was cheese. It was surprising how at the end of the month, we consumed less of what we gave up when we resumed consumption and how during the month there were not the crazy cravings.

This year we dialed it up to 11. Vegan.
For the 3 of you who read this blog, here's the difficulty. I'm traveling for a project in the upper Midwest where every salad has meat, let alone cheese. There is limited Asian food.

Even though tomorrow is when the month starts, I started on Monday. And so far so good.

Breakfast on Monday: ful mudammas (Egyptian fava bean stew)
here's close to the recipe we use:

We've tested it before and our vegan friend approved. Stick to your ribs good.

The challenge on the road with no restaurants within 90 miles that serve good vegetarian let alone vegan was solved with the microwave, fridge and local grocery store.

dinners: microwaved some Uncle Ben's rice and mixed with black beans. Served on a tortilla with spinach and hot salsa
Tomorrow: Chick peas and spinach served with diced jalapenos and hummus on flat bread

lunch: flat bread/tortilla wraps with vegetables. Sliced cucumber, bell pepper and sliced mushrooms with hummus and mustard.

breakfast: instant oatmeal made with the in-room coffee pot

Nothing fancy or gourmet, but tasty and filling.

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  1. I applaud your resolve and secretly think you're both crazy. Well, not secretly. Sarah and I had a meat-and-cheese binge last night at Frontera to say goodbye to normal eating! See you soon!